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Current Referees

Pick up game cards in the referee sheds at Ranchwood or Taylor Park. Return game cards to the mailboxes located at both locations.   Pay will be issued through Arbiter Pay.  Contact referee assignor if you need help setting up your Arbiter Pay account.


Becoming a Referee

Requirements to become a referee:

  1. Minimum 13 years old prior to registration
  2. Complete NCSI background check for everyone 18 and older
  3. Register and complete online and in-person course
  4. Purchase required equipment

How to get started as a new referee:

  1. Find an online class and field training session
  2. Complete the required safety training
  3. Register and complete online course work
  4. Attend the in-person field training session
  5. Contact a local assignor to receive game assignments

Click here and follow instructions for new referees


Referee Gear & Equipment

Referee Gear can be ordered from:

Required Equipment:

  • An approved USSF referee uniform. The Yellow jersey is the primary color. Additional color jerseys may be purchased as the referee gains more experience and works higher level matches.
  • Solid black referee shorts or black shorts with the USSF Referee logo on the leg.
  • Referee 2 stripe black socks. Socks should always be pulled up to your knees and not bunched down around your ankles
  • Whistle
  • Watch with timer
  • Referee cards (yellow and red)
  • Assistant Referee Flags
  • Your current year USSF badge on the left shirt pocket of your jersey.
  • You may need your 16 digit USSF identification number for tournaments. You will find this number on your US Soccer Learning Center profile. Contact your assignor if you need help finding this number.


Oklahoma Referee Information

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Visit the Oklahoma Soccer Association Referee page for information on classes, assignors, background checks, Laws of the Game, and more.

US Soccer Referee Information

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Overview, resource center, and more.

US Soccer Learning Center

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Arbiter Sports

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Update your profile, set blackout windows, accept or decline games.  Note - view your games, click on the Schedule menu once you are logged in.

Arbiter Pay

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Set up your bank information and initiate transfer of pay or check request after your completed games have been updated.